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Several books have been published over the years with the aim of providing new blackjack game players with the important basics to play the game and the history of blackjack.

Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp.

Thorp is considered the pioneer author of blackjack books. Before his time blackjack game was less popular and its rules not known. Using computer simulations, Edward Thorp was able to analyze the game of counting cards and making money and developed the basic strategies for playing blackjack. His book is important to read to get a good picture of where blackjack is coming from. Its relevance has diminished over time because the game has advanced over the years and is not useful for today's blackjack.

Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston

The Million Dollar Blackjack was published before online blackjack game came into existence and therefore contains information that was relevant to the 70's and 80's. It simply represents the evolution of the game and is of little value to blackjack as it is played today considering that the versions of the game it concerned itself with are also outdated.

Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong's blackjack book can be said to represent the modern trend in blackjack games. It is more modern and easy to understand book that introduces readers to the counting systems in use today as far as playing black jack is concerned. Some readers criticize the book on its style of presentation and that the author fails to tell his readers his real experiences playing blackjack.

The World's Greatest Blackjack Book by Lance Humble, Carl Cooper and Ken Cooper.

This book is considered more interesting and straight forward in its explanation of blackjack game and card counting. It starts by introducing the reader to the gambling world and the basic blackjack rules and facts. Some of the criticism against this book is that it is weak and is not useful for professional blackjack players as its title suggests but concentrates on basic blackjack gaming. The book is also old considering that it explains blackjack of the 80's when a lot of things have changed in the game.

Blackjack For Blood: The Card-Counter's Bible, and Complete Winning Guide by Bryce Carlson

This blackjack book is considered to be quite up to date and is useful for those with basic knowledge about blackjack game as well as those in intermediate levels. It introduces different card counting strategies and goes further to explain some of the difficulties encountered in the game emphasizing the fact that it requires lots of effort.

Women Blackjack

Maybe it will be a surprise for you but not only men can play blackjack and win big money! Read the interesting information about popular women blackjack players who know how to beat blackjack not worse than men do that!
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