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For a long time, I have tried to pass it to the masses that the art of playing blackjack cannot be perfected without cramming the basic strategy. This simple advice however seems too complex for most people and as such many players don't seem to grasp the idea even after a whole 20 years. It seems like people simply do not have the zealot master the simple strategy. Due to this particular concern, I have decided to come put together a new set of seven simple rules with a cost from incorrect plays with this new simple strategy resting at 0.53% under the liberal Vegas strip rules.

With the blackjack book having been in the market for too long and the mistakes still persistent, I have taken the initiative to come up with this new set of rules in the new book known as Gambling 102. In this book there is the wizard strategy which has reduced the cost resulting form wrong plays to as low as 0.14%, relative to the liberal Vegas strip rules. This new book was launched in September 2009. In comparison to the earlier basic strategy, this new wizard's strategy only has 21 cells as opposed to the 250ipresent in the basic strategy.

Perhaps some of the terms may be too complex for new players, here is a breakdown

  • A hand without any aces o with aces that only count as points is called a "hard" while a hand with at least one ace is known as a "soft"
  • You can always double if you have more points as compared to the dealer
  • At times when the wizard says double but your cards are more than you can double with, it is advisable to hit except stand with a soft 18
  • At times when the strategy directs you to surrender but circumstances do not allow you to, it is recommended that you simply hit.
  • On the other hand, a directive to "not split" should be followed by treating the hand that has a hard total of 8, 10, or 20 like you would the particular pair in contention.

In the event that the instructions above do not give you the full detail required help you deal adequately, you can get the complete explanation form the Blackjack appendix 21.

Women Blackjack

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What is the most interesting thing about blackjack is the fact you can control this game.
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