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Hard Hands Counting

Hard Hands Counting offers basic guide as to how unpaired hands are counted in a game of blackjack

Hard Hands Counting Strategies

In all strategy charts Hard Hands often constitute the majority of starting hands dealers offer to players. They do not include Aces are require strategic playing if the player has to have a real chance in the game of Blackjack. The initial Hard Hand Counts of 11c or lower depends on whether the player Hits or Doubles the count. Hits are not considered profitable since they involve Hand Counts of eight or less and will never result in a bust. Doubling becomes more flexible when Hand Counts such as 9c, 10c or 11c are involved because at this juncture doubling becomes more tricky. Nine counts allow doubling with only four Dealers' upcards which are 6, 5, 4, and 3. Ten counts can be doubled against all the numbers while eleven counts is the most preferred as it can be doubled against all Dealer upcards. Sometimes a player may fall short of chips and may require in such circumstances to just hit 11c to be able to proceed and as away of circumventing the requirement for a double which in not tenable.

When the Hard Counts reach 12c, Standing is required as a necessary precaution against the weak Dealer upcards. The potential threat for busting becomes real at this point and there is also the possibility of winning against the dealer by Standing against his upcards as opposed to Hitting them. At a Hard count of 15c or 16c surrendering against the dealer's strong upcards becomes an option worth considering. According to different blackjack sites, these numbers offer high probability for bursting and it is wise to surrender which in such a case will imply you can take half your bet and have another chance. It is a much better option compared to busting which is an obvious loss.

Soft Hand Counts

A3 or A6 are considered as Soft Hand counts for starting because there is no possibility that they can bust against any card as the initial Hit permits. Soft Hands have the potential of becoming Hard Hands after Hitting though that is not usually the case. Soft Hands are arrived upon by counting the Ace as 11. It is for this reason that if that counting results into 16c or 17c then it turns out to be Hard Hand count and the best option may be to surrender. If hitting the Soft Hand Counts results into a Hard Hand Count scenario, the game goes back to a situation very similar to Hard Hand Counts. Most blackjack rules do not permit Surrender in a three-cards hands game and it may be better to default Heating the hands as a better option out.

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