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Various Types of Blackjack

There are a wide number of blackjack games and blackjack rules of them differ just as their names depending on where they are played and by whom.

Double Exposure Blackjack

The most popular form of blackjack, double exposure, is considered the simplest or easiest since the cards are played face up. Its only restriction is that you are allowed to touch cards but their face makes decision a lot easier.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is also known in some places as pontoon. Every blackjack casino will provide its visitors with this blackjack variation. It is played without 10 and for a total count of 48 usually involving 6 or 8 decks. The decision to remove 10 benefits the casinos and makes splitting, surrendering and doubling rules more generous plus additional bonuses.

Blackjack Switch

The name derives from the separate hands that a player controls and the possibility to switch top cards of both hands. All the hands must carry equal bets and the game results in a push or tie if the dealer busts. It is known to be very popular online. 6 and 8 deck games are more common though 4and 6 decks are notable in Russia.

European Blackjack

It is also known as European no hole card rule. It allows the dealer one card face up before dealing the players with the possibility of the dealer winning all the bets from doubling or splitting if the dealer picks a blackjack. There are some variations from casino to casino as a player may not loose all his bets in some casinos even if the dealer gets the blackjack and it is better to inquire which exact variation is in play.

Double Attack Blackjack.

It is often said that Double Attack Blackjack is played with Spanish shoe for the simple reason that it also eliminates the use 10's in every deck. Their rules are basically similar to American casino rules. It allows a side bet that enables a dealer to bust with only three cards. Its pay out ratios range from 3:1, 6:1, 8:1, 10:1, 15:1 and shoots to 50:1 if the dealer's card is an 8 and there is another eight of the same color or suite. An eight of the same suite could attract a payout ratio of as much 200:1. And it important to remember that blackjack in Double Attack blackjack only pays even figures unlike the ordinary blackjack.


This terminology is popular among Britons and Australians and there are some slight variations from one place to another besides the fundamentals. In Australia, the blackjack version known as Pontoon is equivalent to Spanish 21. The dealers play their cards facing down and a push or tie is a win or the dealer. Usually a winning hand requires a count of 21 which may be an ace and any 10 point card with the possibility of splitting.

Women Blackjack

Maybe it will be a surprise for you but not only men can play blackjack and win big money! Read the interesting information about popular women blackjack players who know how to beat blackjack not worse than men do that!
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What is the most interesting thing about blackjack is the fact you can control this game.
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