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History of Blackjack

Blackjack just like any other game has been in place for a long time and many people may be interested in knowing the origin of the game. The quest for the origin of the game remains a hot subject to date. Even in the midst of no clear consensus on the true origin of the game, most researchers on the matter are in agreement that the game might have originated from French casinos in the 1700s. With a French name of Vingt-en-Un which means 21.

Besides France, another similar version of the game was popular in Spain although the Spanish version was formulated around scoring 31 points as opposed to the 21 that is applicable in blackjack. This is not all since the confusing debate rages on with other people also alleging that the game originated from the Romans. These allegations have not yet been proved even though a majority of people agree that it could have an element of truth judging by the fact that the Romans were known to be ardent gamblers.

In light of the many theories that have been advanced, it seems the French version of the history of blackjack made more sense as the French versions seems to have grown faster than all the rest by spreading its wings into the rest of the world. In this history of blackjack, the rules were slightly different since only the dealer was allowed to double

Even at these earlier times in the history of blackjack, the game was termed as 21 until the state of Nevada eventually legalized gambling in 1931 before it started spreading into other casinos which later on saw the need to polish the rules in order to make the game more professional and easier to manage. With the popularity of the game rising fast in the gambling casinos, some of the casinos would pay as high as 10 to 1 odds on the winning player's bet.

After a long time on these exorbitant payouts most of the casinos scraped off the high payouts and some of the rules on payouts that we have today came into place. With these transitional processes going through very many stages and places, it is evident that the game has evolved through many phases making it difficult to categorically determine the history of blackjack. To be more practical, the game continues t grow even today with new options being introduced as it continues to become popular across the world. In this development comes blackjack online which is becoming very popular thanks to the internet.

Women Blackjack

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