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Popular Gambling Spots

Many people around the world take what is referred to as a gambling vacation. They focus on visiting casinos to play and win big in games of chance. There are various spots in the world renown for their gambling establishments. These places are located in the USA, the Caribbean, Canada, Asia and other places.

Gambling vacation packages

Many travel agents have caught on to the value of gambling vacations, and offer packages that allow people to go to these gambling destinations. These packages include flights and accommodation to popular casino hotels located in places with popular casinos, and other enjoyable activities to enjoy. These packages are inclusive of one’s flight, and the accommodation is normally booked in hotels where it is easy to access casino establishments, entertainment spots, restaurants, spas, shopping areas and in some cases beaches. This means that the vacation not only caters to ones love of gaming, but also ensures that they have a host of exciting areas to visit during their vacation. Some popular gambling destinations include:

Las Vegas

If you are in the USA, the city of Las Vegas, Nevada is synonymous with gaming in the minds of many. It’s a resort city primarily dedicated to the pleasure of gambling. There are a lot of casinos surrounded by many entertainment spot. There is a vibrant nightlife especially on the Las Vegas Strip that is located a bit out of the Las Vegas city limits. Here, you will find many hotels, casinos and resorts displayed in an amazing show of architecture. There are lots of theme parks, national parks and museums for one’s family to enjoy in Las Vegas. This is good because not all the members of a family may enjoy gambling, or even be able to do it based on age limits. Some marvelous gambling establishments to visit in Las Vegas are The Bellagio, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and Wynn Las Vegas among others.

Macau and Singapore

If you feel like a trip to Asia, then Macau is the best place to go for a gambling vacation. Alternatively you may travel to Singapore. Macau and Singapore are great places to go to on a budget vacation. There are many beaches, entertainment spots and a lot of culture to enjoy. Some of the gaming establishments to visit in Singapore are the Las Vegas Sands’ Casino resort and the Genting Casino Complex. In Macau, gambling enthusiasts can visit the Venetian Casino Resort and the City of Dreams.

The Caribbean

This beautiful destination is not only valued for its sun and sand, but there are islands in the Caribbean that are well known for the gambling establishments, as well. These include the Bahamas, Aruba, the Virgin Islands and St. Maarten among others. The casinos are located in luxurious beachside resorts. In Aruba, there is the Alhambra Casino, the Allegro Casino, the Crystal Casino and the Stellaris Casino. In the Bahamas, we have the Crystal Palace and the Isle of Capri Casino. While St. Maarten offers the Casino Royale and the Coliseum Casino among others. Any visitor to the Caribbean on a gambling vacation will be spoiled for choice as there are so many resorts with casinos to choose from.

There are gaming establishments scattered all over the world you just have contact your travel agent to get a suitable package for you.

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