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Blackjack Rules

The main goal behind the game is to accrue points from cards with the target of making 21 points or the closest possible without going over the 21 point mark. According to the blackjack rules, the most significant cards are the face cards which are each worth 10 points; these are the Jacks, queens, and kings. The aces are valued at either 1 or 11 points depending on the situation at hand. All the other cards will assume their default numbers.

According to the blackjack rules, a tie between the house and the player means no body take s the price as no definite winner is available under those circumstances. However other situations such as an ace and a 10 (blackjack) on the first two cards dealt by a player translates into an automatic win for the player at 1.5 to 1 except in a situation where the house ties and the player has the right to stand at any time.

Playing Blackjack

The main objective of any game player is to win. By blackjack rules, you must beat the dealer without busting in order to win. A bust is a situation where your cards values exceed the 21 point threshold and this also translates into an automatic loss.

Due to the history of blackjack, the blackjack table should accommodate 6 players at one point although it is not mandatory to have the total number of players in order to play. Before the game starts, the dealer is charged with the responsibility of shuffling the cards and placing them in the shoe which is the term used to describe the dispensing box where the cards are placed after shuffling.

Blackjack rules dictate that the players must place a wager before they can pick any cards after which each player will be dealt two cards each face up while the dealer gets the same number of cards although the dealer's cards are placed one face up and the other face down. After that the rounds begin and each player takes or drops a card at his/her turn in an effort to get closer to the 21 point mark without busting.

As more players bust their limits they are disqualified and the rest wait for the dealer's turn when the dealer turns up the down faced card. According to the blackjack rules, if the dealer stays on if the counts hit 17 or higher but if the counts hit 16 or lower, the dealer is compelled to draw. If a player gets a total of 21 on the first draw thus a 10 or a face an ace which is referred to as a blackjack, you automatically win one plus another one half of your bet. This can only be impossible if the dealer also has a blackjack. In such situations, it is considered a stand-off or tie and you get your bet amount back in full.

It is never a total loss for every other player since the blackjack rules dictate that all the other players also get or loose their bets according to the points they have at the time of the stand-off. Any player who has a value higher than the dealer will win the value of their bet while those with fewer points to the dealer loose their full bet. However the best situation for every other player comes when the dealer busts. This means that all remaining players win.

There are however other options in different variations of blackjack as well which include insurance, surrender, double down, even money and split.

  • Insurance option is only possible when the dealer's showing card happens to be an ace or when the dealer makes a blackjack with a ten on the face down card. Under this situation, the insurance will be obliged to pay at 2-1 odds
  • Surrender is possible in two ways an early or late surrender, early surrender is acceptable before the dealer checks for a blackjack while a late surrender is declared once the dealer has checked the blackjack. This means you cannot surrender.
  • Doubling down is possible after the first two cards have been dealt. You can gamble on this if you are in a strong position. It is however important to note that some casinos may also allow you to double down on the bet in the course of play but you must take another card and the card has to be one and no more.
  • Even money happens when you are dealt a blackjack and the dealer's showing card is an ace, the payout will be at 1:1 ratio.

Women Blackjack

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