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Blackjack switch casino game is an exciting alternative to the popular blackjack game. For centuries now, blackjack has been with us and has become among the top played casino table games. Most gamers simply love blackjack for its simplicity and fast action even though it also involves quick thinking, skill and strategy. Playing and winning at blackjack is not a difficult thing as such even though not everyone always wins. To start with, for you to understand how to play blackjack switch, you must be well familiar with the rules of regular blackjack. Actually, blackjack switch normally uses the basics for playing the regular blackjack but includes an option where players are allowed to switch their cards between the two hands they are dealt with.

The fact that a player is able to switch cards in blackjack switch gives a player an advantage over the person dealing the game. However, in efforts of not putting the dealer at a disadvantage, the game gives the dealer several leniencies not usually given in the normal blackjack game. The basic rules of playing the regular blackjack are followed in blackjack switch but a few changes are included in order to alter the entire game balance. In this game, the player can trade a card dealt to him between two hands. As usual, the dealer makes use of 6 decks each containing 52 game cards and as usual the dealer will also shuffle shoe of decks before playing.

In blackjack switch, the player will be dealt two cards with all of them will be played facing up. The player gets dealt two card sets and must play each hand in turn. Right hand card set starts and is followed by left hand set. The player can switch the first two cards before proceeding with the game- stand, hit, split or double down. Switch of the cards contributes greatly assisting the player to improve his hands and better the winning chances. The dealer also enjoys some privileges as well which help to balance the game. Unlike regular blackjack which pays 3:2, this game only pays even money. The usual splitting, double down and insurance rules among others must be followed.

All in all, blackjack switch is a classic casino game enjoyed by millions of players all over the world. Even though this game might not be everyone’s favorite, most people won’t mind trying it out as it is one of the best rewarding game. This game is an exciting and more satisfying addition to the family of blackjack games where introduction of new means makes it a more exciting and fun alternative. It is very easy to learn playing blackjack switch and if you have been playing blackjack, then this will just be a pass time for you. The fact that these blackjack game variations are played using the standard 52 cards deck means that these two games share a lot between them. The game uses no jokers or bonus cards but this doesn’t make it less exciting in anyway.

Women Blackjack

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